The Hangover Tour

We at Reality World Tours offer a unique look at interesting reality places. The Hangover Reality Tour is a fun filled guided trip around the Las Vegas strip where we interact with Hangover look-a-likes and we show you actual filming and Iconic locations. This is a 90 to 120 min tour depending on traffic. We offer 2 tours a day, 10am and 2pm. All transportation fees are included with your ticket.




Why Reality World Tours?

Our guided tour is hands on, each person gets personal attention by our guide.

  • You will enjoy actual filming locations along the Las Vegas strip.
  • We allow pictures with characters and the Las Vegas sign at no extra charge.
  • You will enjoy A video tour of each locations during your travels.
  • We offer free water during the tour.
  • Our guide will share Vegas tidbits, Hangover trivia and offer prizes for our customers along the way.
  • Our climate controlled shuttle service is made for hot summer days and cold winter nights.
  • With 2 departure times per day, we make it easy for our clients to plan their tour around their vacation.
  • One central strip pickup location, 1 south pickup location and 1 north.
  • Our tours run between 90 mins and 120 mins so that you may enjoy the rest of your vacation. 
  • Our shuttle wait`s at each location during your visit so there is no waiting for the next shuttle. The shuttle you are on remains yours throughout your tour.